Accomplished pragmatic IT professional with deep technology knowledge spanning multiple domains through experience focused on software system architecture, analysis, design, implementation and deployment. Excellent communication skills and creative problem solving abilities.


C#, ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI, JavaScript, React, Redux, Knockout, jQuery, WPF, XAML, Prism, MVVM, TPL, VBA, MS SQL Server, T-SQL, ADO.Net, OR/M (Entity Framework, NHibernate, LINQtoSQL, ActiveRecord), GemFire, XML, Software Architecture, Design Patterns, Web Services, Amazon AWS/EC2

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Vice President - Aug 2016 to Present
    Web Api Microservice Projects
    User activity tracking service: RESTful user activity tracking microservice for collecting user actions from various different OpenFin applications that aggregates to management dashboard for activity tracking. Published NPM modules for easy client on-boarding. Application configuration service: RESTful application configuration microservice for storing and managing application/user settings across machines.
    Technologies used: ASP.NET Core Web Api, Swagger, LINQ to DB
    Build and Support of Flavor Builder
    Flavor Builder is a tool that allows end-users to manage sets of parameters (flavors) that algo engines consume during trade processing. Leveraged JSON schema for dynamically generating UI elements allowing for paramaters to be added and removed dynamically without requiring code releases. Also includes a home brewed approval process for auditing changes made.
    Technologies used: React, Redux, OpenFin
    Build and Support of Xenon
    Xenon is ETT's strategic service for persisting, maintaining and distributing non-instrument client reference data for electronic trading through a SPA web front-end. Migrated existing MVC code to RESTful Web API end-points. Introduced the team to DevExtreme UI toolkit that leverages Knockout. Implemented various different data management screens. Implemented fully configurable logging/instrumentation using AOP techniques with real-time monitoring with Splunk. Mentored junior developers on the team.
    Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET Web API, Knockout, DevExtreme, NHibernate, Oracle, Splunk
    Build and Deployment of Catalyst
    Catalyst is a trader facing OMS built on top of internal proprietary framework Phoenix. Assisted as a SME for re-designing critical elements of the application for visual performance. Used lightweight control templates in conjunction with dynamically generated binding proxies to greatly enhance perceived UI performance of the application. Acted as a release manager to coordinate delivery of application binaries to end users.
    Technologies used: C#, WPF, Prism, Telerik, AMPS
  • SunGard
    Senior Manager - Aug 2014 to Aug 2016
    Client: Morgan Stanley: Stix re-write project
    Stix is a trader facing, cross asset, global GUI application for ticket entry and stewardship originally written in WinForms. Assisted as a SME for re-architecting key features of of application with WPF/Prism all-the-while adding new functionality demanded by traders. Provided guidance to overseas developers on the team on best practices. Setup continuous integration and associated processes to provide key code quality metrics to management.
    Technologies used: C#, WPF, Prism, Infragistics, Cps Pub-Sub
  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
    Vice President, Applications Developer Lead - Aug 2012 to Aug 2014
    Build and Deployment of Insight Trader Workstation
    Insight Trader Workstation is a real-time trader facing GUI that facilitates ticket entry, position and PnL monitoring. Implemented required functionality and contributed to overall architecture with emphasis on performance and quality metrics. Served as an SME for DevExpress controls focused on heavy user interaction. Implemented an expression based styling engine. Implemented custom editors for displaying bond prices in fractions of 32's.
    Technologies used: C#, WPF, Prism, DevExpress, Reactive Extensions, ActiveMQ
  • Risk Focus Inc.
    Senior Consultant - Oct 2009 to Aug2012
    Setup distributed infrastructure across on-premises and external cloud environments
    Setup and managed various environments for on-premises using Hyper-V, Amazon AWS and Rackspace to be used for on-demand client demos, Exchange, Subversion and Confluence servers. Performed P2V, V2V migrations.
    Technologies used: Amazon AWS, Amazon EC2 API, Hyper-V
    Business Activity Monitor
    Designed and developed a business activity monitor front end to Alloy OTC Trade Lifecycle Framework. Using the observer pattern applied to JSON messages sourced from either TibCo/EMS or Oracle, BAM allows for in depth analysis/debugging of various different activities that can be performed by Alloy.
    Technologies used: C#, WPF, Prism, Reactive Extensions, Oracle, TibCo/EMS, JSON
    Client: Cantor Fitzgerald: Client portal website for Prime Brokerage
    Provided performance enhancements to an existing client portal for Prime Brokerage. Enhanced existing functionality by allowing end users to define and persists custom grid layouts across sessions.
    Technologies used: C#, Silverlight, Prism, Reactive Extensions, WCF/RIA Web Services, JBoss, and SQL Server 2005
    Client: JPMorgan Investment Bank: System for calculating counterparty exposure to Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy
    Designed and developed (in collaboration with the Business Head on the Desk) a Bankruptcy Valuation System for Credit settlement of Lehman trades with LamCo: around 75K distinct trades covering all derivative products and spanning most trading systems at the Bank. The system was used to:
    * Establish portfolio valuation for a particular counterparty as of a point in time
    * Sourcing and extracting complete trade set across fragmented trading group systems
    * Converting formats and enriching with appropriate market data
    * Feed Risk systems to calculate sensitivities, aggregating and providing user reports
    Technologies used: C#, Excel VBA, Sql Server, RiskMetrics
    Client: Citigroup: Built a custom WinForms UI front end for GemFire cache
    Designed and implemented a WinForms application that allows for managing existing GemFire cache installations. The application handles all serialization/deserialization with dynamic objects that are created at runtime and allows for basic CRUD operations to be performed on cached entities. Users can submit arbitrary OQL to the cache and inspect the results in real time along with the ability to upload XSD’s that represent metadata for cached items.
    Technologies used: C#, GemFire NativeClient.
  • Hosca Technology Services, LLC
    Consultant - Aug 2009 to Oct 2009
    Integrated real time sales tax rates to a popular e-Commerce package
    Designed and implemented a real time online tax rate lookup service to accurately calculate sales tax amounts based on buyers shipping address in compliance with the local tax jurisdiction that is in effect. The service uses an external web service interface coded in C# which is called from a managed assembly hosted by SQL Server 2008. Resulting architecture also includes caching for improved performance and requires zero code changes on the e-Commerce source code.
    Technologies used: C#, SQL Server 2008, ASP.Net, IIS7
  • Mr. Youth LLP
    Technology Director - Aug 2008 to July 2009
    Delivery of technology solutions to clients and internal teams
    Served as an SME for evaluating and ultimately implementing technology solutions proposed to clients. Managed in-house team of developers providing technical strategic direction and guidance within budget and schedule. Established coding standards and extensible architectures with focus on code quality and re-use. Designed data models for various one-off projects using SQL Server 2005 and ADO.Net Entity Framework
    Design and architecture of Mr.Youth's main LOB web application
    RepNation is Mr.Youth's main line of business application that connects its 70k+ end-users to various marketing and advertising opportunities. Replaced the existing search algorithm to take advantage of lambda functions to allow structured and serializable search criteria to be used. Architected a thread-based e-mail system that allows users to communicate with each other and their managers. Designed data models, tables, views, stored procedures and UDF’s to meet business and coding requirements. Performed various database optimizations to improve query times. Managed database rollouts to production servers.
    Technologies used: SQL Server 2005, Linq to SQL, ASP.NET, C#, AJAX Toolkit
  • Smart & Associates LLP
    Senior Manager - Apr 2006 to Jul 2008
    Client: Intuit Real Estate Solutions: Re-engineered client data import modules for IMPACT
    IMPACT is Intuit's web based real estate investment management software. It enables companies to model multiple investment scenarios and estimate the financial impacts of alternative decisions. Re-engineered the existing client real estate data import portal to be orders of magnitude faster for an improved user experience. Replaced existing multiple SSIS packages for importing end user provided data with bulk import for vastly improved performance.
    Technologies used: SQL Server 2005, SSIS, C#, NHibernate, Spring Framework
    Client: Banc of America Securities: Designed and built Middle Office PnL Management System
    Consolidated existing MO PnL generation and reporting process from approximately 50 scattered Excel spreadsheets into 1 unified process. The system allowed users to edit attributions and make allocations to the raw numbers generated by the trading system before the numbers are published to downstream ledgers with fully integrated workflow capabilities such as automated trader approvals. Created a SQL Server database to store PnL data across multiple ledgers and books. Wrote server hosted SQLCLR components to gather trade data from Sybase servers on demand for daily PnL generation from Excel spreadsheets. This allowed the Excel sheets to operate with a single database connection to SQL Server with no deployment requirements for Sybase drivers at the desktop.
    Technologies used: SQL Server 2005, Excel, C#, Sybase ASE
    Client: Banc of America Securities: Architected an extensible reconciliation framework
    Making use of Set Theory designed and implemented an extensible architecture for reconciling different trade capture systems to various existing sub ledgers for Bank of America Securities in their efforts to address a SEV-1 level issue in the Equity Financial products space. The reconciliation system uses SQL Server 2005 as its main aggregation engine with data flowing from various other sources (Sybase, Oracle, DB2). Wrote server side ETL components to gather reference data from Sybase and DB2 using Linked Servers. Wrote server side SQLCLR components to overcome 64bit/32bit mismatch between Sybase drivers.
    Technologies used: SQL Server 2005, C#, and Excel
  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
    Senior Technology Officer - Aug 2003 to Apr 2006
    Selected for the Expert Engineer (E2) Development Program
    The Expert Engineer (E2) Development Program is designed to establish and develop a network of expert engineers across the organization, enhancing the business value of technology solutions. It is a key leadership initiative aimed at developing and retaining key technical talent across IB Technology.
    Database migration project for Bond Sensitivities Tool
    Bond Sensitivities Tool is a daily processing utility that generates credit sensitivities based on daily trade information from Bloomberg for the Bonds that JP Morgan holds a position. Re-designed and implemented the backend data store for the tool using SQL Server and a custom built ADO Data Access Layer resulting in an increase in reliability and quicker EOD processing times.
    Technologies used: Excel, ADO, T-SQL, SQL Server.
    Built a dual interface COM component that allows easier consumption of various Web Services from Excel
    Coded entirely in managed C# with extensive use of interop, the DLL allows easy access to Java based web services that cannot be easily consumed by the SOAP Toolkit. The component provides standardized interfaces with full Intellisense support for the VBA developer.
    Technologies used: C#, COM Interop, Web Services.
    MS SQL Server Development and Administration
    Responsibilities included designing database schemas, coding stored procedures and views, designing custom DTS tasks and educating other team members on the capabilities of MS SQL Server.
    Built an OLAP Cube for Risk Analysis
    Replaced the existing Access/Excel Pivot Table based Risk Analysis Tool with a more robust SQL Server/Analysis Server based OLAP cube, resulting in much faster and responsive front end with extensive Drill-through capabilities that were not possible before. Custom MDX queries can be executed against the Cube which also provides time-series capabilities.
    Technologies used: Excel, SQL Server, Analysis Services.
    Interest Rate curve monitoring utility
    Monitors and reports in real-time any and all activity that occurs with a user specified interest rate curve file for a given currency.
    Technologies used: C#.
    Built a fully automated analysis process around a previously developed trade pricing engine
    The process allows for infinite number of user defined what-if scenarios and Monte Carlo style simulations to be performed on the various parameters used to calculate the net value and risk associated with a given foreign trade.
    Technologies used: Excel, VBA.
    Built a Web Service that returns the results of a given SQL Query as an Excel spreadsheet attachment
    The web service can run any SQL Query on any data source and e-mail the results to any given address.
    Technologies used: C#, OWC.
  • Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
    Lead Systems Developer - Aug 1998 to Aug 2003
    Built an advertisement spending and ratings tracking system
    This system tracks dollars spent and ratings received on any given advertised brand and its parent company across all cable networks and across all broadcast quarters. If an advertisement ever ran for a brand in cable TV network it is included in the report. The information is displayed to the user in an OLAP data-cube metaphor with the capability to instantly pivot and re-tabulate based on columns chosen for display. This makes it possible to instantly view and identify historical spending and rating patterns for any given brand/advertiser over time over selected cable networks. The data for this system is updated every broadcast quarter and is currently being used by the entire sales force at Turner Broadcasting.
    Technologies used: VB6, OLAP, SQL Server
    Designed and built a system for generating, managing and tracking electronic invoices
    This system interfaces with the corporate invoicing system to generate industry standard invoice documents for cable buys which are then delivered electronically to agencies. In addition the system also tracks Functional Acknowledgements (997's) and feeds a real-time, web based user interface for complete tracking and reconciliation. Formerly this operation was being outsourced to a third-party vendor with a cost of over $100,000 per year.
    Technologies used: VB6, ADO, COM+ and SQL Server 2000 using 3-tier architecture.
    Created a departmental corporate intranet website
    Built from the ground up to build departmental presence within the enterprise the website provides round the clock training to end users in the form of business flow-charts, FAQ's, How-To's and streamed product training presentations. A password protected section allows authorized users to view various dynamic real-time processing reports (number of contracts processed, average time for completion etc.).
    Technologies used: ASP, COM+ and IIS 5.0
    Enhancements to the existing advertisement broadcast schedule system
    Enhancements include, automatically generated status update e-mails (via SMTP) to the salesperson that originated the request, web based real-time online request status tracking, componentized business logic for easy maintenance and adaptability to changing business requirements. This system processes approximately 800 contracts per month with the average value of a contract around $152,000.
    Technologies used: VB6, ADO, COM+ and SQL Server 2000 using3-tier architecture.
    Built a system for generating and managing advertisement broadcast schedules
    This system is used to electronically submit advertisement schedules to various advertising agencies for orders they have placed on all of Turner's cable networks. The electronic documents are generated as industry standard X12 (850) and other proprietary file formats based on agency preference.
    Technologies used: VB5, RDO and SQL Server 6.5 using 2-tier client server technology.

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for Microsoft .Net, May 2006

Microsoft Certified Professional, Nov 2001


Wireless Telecommunications, Amateur Radio (TA2DW), Photography.


Master of Science, Mining Engineering - Jan 1995 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA

Bachelor of Science, Mining Engineering - May 1993 Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey